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Clinical Information Systems

There are five different patient information systems or clinical information systems (CIS) used in general practice within the NCPHN footprint. This page provides quicklinks to CIS resources and resources for the use of clinical data in general practice.

Best Practice quick links
Genie quick links
Medical Director quick links
Clinical Data Analysis
Practitioner Software Referral Forms

Best Practice quick links

Best Practice Knowledge Base
Comprehensive online knowledge base system for BpPremier.

Best Practice Data Updates
Links for BP Data updates.

Best Practice  Program Updates
Information on BP program updates.

Best Practice News
Read the BP news coming from the BP newsroom

Best Practice – Training Videos
The BP channel provides instructional videos on key tasks in BP.

Best Practice FAQs
A list of frequently asked questions on the functionality of Best Practice.

Genie quick links

Genie –User guides
Access Genie user guides and installation guides.

Genie  – Training Videos
Training video topics include:

  • Accessing a patient’s My Health Record
  • Using Medicare Online
  • Uploading documents

Genie – Updates
Keep up to date with the latest version downloads.

Medical Director quick links

Medical Director PracSoft Training – User guides
PracSoft set up and user guides are available on the Medical Director website.

Medical Director PracSoft Training – Videos
Medical Director has a suite of PracSoft demonstration videos for tasks such as:

  • Adding users to PracSoft
  • Configuring Medicare Australia Online in PracSoft
  • Making an appointment

Medical Director Clinical – User guides
Medical Director Clinical set up and user guides are available on the Medical Director website.

Medical Director Clinical – Training Videos
Medical Director has a suite of MD Clinical demonstration videos for tasks such as:

  • Updating Patients File
  • Letter Writer

Medical Director Upcoming Clinical Webinars
Medical Director regularly hold webinars on MD products. This page provides lists upcoming webinars and links to register.

Clinical Data Analysis

Please see the Data tools for Quality Improvement page for further information on our Measuring for Improvement Program and data analysis tools The Canning Tool and qiConnect.

Practitioner Software Referral Forms

Our Practitioner Software Referral Forms page provides access to templates for:

  • Antenatal Clinic – Tweed Referral form
  • CCSS Referral Form
  • Healthy Minds Referral Form
  • Go4Fun Referral Form
  • NNSWLHD Community and Allied Health Referral Form
  • Asthma Foundation Referral Service


GP Partners Australia has a suite of templates for Medical Director, Best Practice and Zedmed.

The templates include but are not limited to:

  • 45 to 49 year old Health Assessment Letter
  • ATSI Child Health Assessment (0-14)
  • AUSDRISK Tool Template
  • Child Health Plan – Out of Home Care
  • Child Health Treatment Plan
  • Children’s GPMP and MHP and Parent Questionnaire
  • Chronic Pain GPMP and TCA Template
  • Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA)
  • GP Management Plan for CHD (Heart Foundation)
  • Group Services for Type 2 Diabetes Referral Form
  • Immunisation reminders
  • Injury Management Cycle of Care Template