Category 1 – Integration & Partnership

This category is for services who work together for better health and wellbeing in North Coast communities.

Working together allows us to better respond to the needs of the community. Good partnerships improve people’s care and health outcomes. They also help the health system cope with increasing demand. Submissions can be made on behalf of several partners.

When answering the criteria, show one or more of the following:

• Partners sharing a common vision that is recorded in a formal agreement, e.g. an agenda, contract or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

• Partners agree on measures of success, and are guided by these measures

• Evidence of common goals and objectives

• Evaluation to determine the success of the partnership, its strengths, weaknesses, and accomplishments

• Key learnings from the project/program

• Smoothing out or better connecting people’s health care journey

• Improved health or social outcomes

• Strengthened primary health care to reduce hospital admissions

• Reduced duplication of services

• More efficient use of resources and improved value for money

• Improved professional satisfaction through delivering integrated care.

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