Category 2 – Innovation

This category is for teams and services working in new or creative ways for better health and wellbeing in our community.

Delivering high quality, linked-up and person-centred health care requires fresh approaches. Innovation requires being open to and testing new ideas.

Submissions can be from individual teams or on behalf of partnerships.

When answering the criteria, show one or more of the following:

• Innovative and creative approaches to improving health and social outcomes

• More efficient use of resources and improved value for money

• Engagement of your whole team in making changes to improve systems

• Smoothing out or better connecting people’s health care journey

• Improved health outcomes as a result of partnerships

• Improved user experience

• Reduced access waiting times for health or social services

• Strengthened primary health care to reduce hospital admissions

• Reduced duplication of services

• Key learnings of the project or program

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