Category 3 – Improving Health Care Access and/or Reducing Health Inequity

This category is for programs targeting social and economic disadvantage or health inequities.

The North Coast has a fast growing and ageing population. We also have high disadvantage and high Aboriginal representation. Effective health care responds to the needs of the community for greater access and better health and wellbeing. Change and improvement usually takes time. Some projects may not yet be able to show improved health outcomes. In this case, evidence of a plan, data collection and analysis of the issues will be enough for submission of a project.

When answering the criteria, show one or more of the following:

• Addressing a gap for communities experiencing disadvantage

• Reduction of barriers across settings

• Knowledge of the community, and having a program that targets local needs

• Partnerships that reduce health inequity and better use of resources

• Engagement of community and sector workforce in designing the program

• Consumer outcomes are monitored and opportunities sought to show improved health and wellbeing

• Evidence of improved service and increased satisfaction levels

• Reduced waiting times

• A clear method and provision of critical data

• Increased capacity of the health or social system to meet community demand

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