The Awards

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The Primary Healthcare Excellence Awards are a great opportunity to explore your work in great detail. 

Submissions for the 2018 Primary Health Care Excellence Awards will be open from from Monday 9 April 2018 to Thursday 14 June 2018. 

There will be four categories to choose from…

This category is for services who work together for better health and wellbeing in North Coast communities.

Working together allows us to better respond to the needs of the community. Good partnerships improve people’s care and health outcomes. They also help the health system cope with increasing demand.

Submissions can be made on behalf of several partners.

This category is for teams and services working in new or creative ways for better health and wellbeing in our community.

Delivering high quality, linked-up and person-centred health care requires fresh approaches. Innovation requires being open to and testing new ideas. We must continually ask questions, explore alternate ways, and think outside of the box in order to innovate and bring creative change.

Submissions can be from individual teams or on behalf of partnerships.

This category is for programs targeting social and economic disadvantage or health inequities.

Effective healthcare responds to the needs of the community. With a rapidly growing and ageing population, as well as high disadvantage and Aboriginal representation, we must deliver programs that target those most in need on the North Coast. 

Some projects may not yet be able to show improved health outcomes. In this case, evidence of a plan, data collection and analysis of the issues will be enough for submission of a project.

This category is for projects that encourage people to take ownership of their health and wellbeing.

Promoting good health and the prevention of disease is vital for primary health care. Projects that target health literacy, healthy lifestyles and self-care to reduce hospital admissions and reduce chronic disease fit in this category.

* Projects or programs can only be submitted in one category

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges made up of community members, allied health, general practice, researchers, Aboriginal health workers, council and social services. 

Judges will choose two finalists from each category, plus one for the Community Choice Award. Finalists will be notified by Friday 13 July 2018. 

*Please note that finalist videos will be filmed during the weeks of 16 July and 17 August. Finalists must make themselves available during this time. 

Judges will nominate one Community Choice finalist from each category that they believe has had significant impact on the North Coast community. Community Finalists will proceed to an online voting campaign, with the goal of being crowned the 2018 Community Choice Award recipient.

The Community Choice Award recognises a project or program that has engaged deeply with the community, and understands its characteristics and needs. The program should be aligned with the community’s principles and values, and the staff driving the program seen to act with sensitivity, respect and insight. The project is embraced by the community, and ultimately, empowers the community to take ownership of their own health and wellbeing.

All 2018 finalists will participate in our People’s Choice Award. Voting will be open to all guests at the 2018 Primary Healthcare Excellence Awards Gala Dinner and will commence once all finalist videos have been screened.  The People’s Choice recipient will receive two registration tickets to the conference of their choice in recognition of peer support. 


The 2018 Primary Healthcare Excellence Awards will honour 14 Finalists in total.