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Health Literacy

Health Literacy is about people being able to access, understand and act on health information and services.

The Northern NSW Health Literacy Project is working on improving communication from health professionals and health services to ensure health information and services are easy to access, understand and act on.

Research tells us that by improving the way we communicate, we can help people to:

Health Literacy

The pieces of the Health Literacy puzzle

  • The places where health care is provided: This includes making sure places are easy to find and get to, and that once you arrive it is clear where you need to go.
  • The people who provide health care: This includes all staff at a health service, like doctors and nurses, allied health and even the people who greet you at the front desk.
  • Health information that makes sense: This includes any written information, like brochures and fact sheets, posters, websites and letters.

Workshops for health professionals

Learn skills and strategies for health services and health professionals to communicate effectively, including:

  • Writing Consumer Friendly Health Information
  • Using Plain Language
  • Using Teach-Back to confirm understanding
  • Checking the health literacy of your organisation
  • Plan and implement a Health Literacy Improvement Project
  • Health Literacy for Accreditation and Professional Development

Workshops for community members

Some simple tips and tricks can help us to be more active partners in our health care to look after our own health and the health of others. Book a health literacy workshop to learn how to:

  • Get the most out of your next medical appointment
  • Support family members and others to look after their health
  • Find reliable health information online
  • Use your online MyHealthRecord

Workshops can be tailored to meet your purposes and can be held at a time and venue that is convenient for you. The Health Literacy Project covers all of Northern NSW, from Grafton to Tweed.

Contact the Health Literacy Team to book a workshop.

Health Literacy Website

This website was designed to support the Health Literacy project by providing information, resources and links for health professionals and community members to:

  • Learn about health literacy
  • Learn strategies to improve health literacy. These strategies can differ depending on whether you are a health professional or a community member.
  • Health professionals can register to create health literate health information (like brochures and fact sheets). There is also a library of health literate health information that others have developed.

Visit the website here.


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