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MI Program

What is the MI Program?

The MI program supports general practices to undertake quality improvement activities that improve the health of their practice population. Dedicated Practice Support Officers support general practices to implement the Program which involves applying a consistent approach to each quality improvement topic. Fundamental to the design of the Program is a focus on the use of data to inform quality improvement and implementing change in small manageable PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) cycles in order to be able to identify where a change actually leads to an improvement.

The Program draws on the Australian Primary Care Collaborative (APCC) methodology, a proven innovative and effective approach to quality improvement in primary health care. It is a new approach to providing general practice support for NCPHN. As part of the program, North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN) is providing data tools to general practices for free. The tools include the CAT Plus suite of products for use within practices, combined with managing Goals and PDSA cycles on Chilli DB. The program also incorporates other data analysis methods where relevant, such as Best Practice queries and Excel benchmarking graphs.

The in-practice data analysis tool, Cat4, allows practices to track their own results for particular measures such as HbA1c results. NCPHN will utilise de-identified data to provide health services the ability to then benchmark their results and performance against a footprint average and a national average.

The Measuring for Improvement program assists NCPHN to help general practices target quality improvement activities tailored to the practice’s specific needs within a topic.

Participate in the MI Program

Your GP Support Officer can assist with signing you up to the program. Cat4 is one tool used for data analysis in the program. GP support officers can assist with training of the tool.

CAT Plus Terms and Conditions


Childhood Immunisation Measuring for Improvement Quarterly Pack

Pack 1 March 2017

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