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Quality Improvement Resources

Continuous improvements occur when collaboration occurs. NCPHN would like to support you in implementing quality improvement and to share your ideas.

Listed below are resources and information that are shared to assist practices as they work on Quality Improvement.

Please let your GP Support Officer know if you would like support implementing any of these improvements, or if you have ideas that may benefit other practices.

Medication Safety by Reducing Owed Scripts

“Owed scripts” are when an ongoing, non-emergency medication is dispensed to known patients in the anticipation that the patient’s GP will provide a retrospective prescription when convenient. Historically this has been done in an attempt to avoid gaps in a patient’s medication supply.

NCPHN engaged local health professionals to identify opportunities to improve patient safety in medication management by reducing Owed Prescriptions. You may want to adopt some these recommended improvements for Patients, General Practitioners, Pharmacists, Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities.

Medication Safety Fact Sheet

Medication Safety Patient Poster

Medication Safety Measuring For Improvement Guide

Medication Apps

Patients can access Medication Apps on their smartphones or tablets to assist in managing their medication.

Med Advisor
Automatically reminds you when to fill your recurring scripts, and chases you up if you forget. Also lets you know when to visit your doctor for replacement prescriptions.

Med Helper
Designed to help individuals and caretakers manage the challenges of staying on time, up to date and on schedule with very simple to very complex regimes.

Pill Monitor (Apple)
Designed to manage any of your pills/medications – don’t miss taking pills again because of so many things to do or bad memory.

A secure cloud-based web and mobile application that helps you manage your meds.

Pill Organizer (Android)
Easily schedule reminders for any kind of medication and even medical examinations.