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Resources that explain what a Medical Home is all about

The Patient Centred Medical Home (PCMH) team have been working hard alongside the Practice Support team in the last few months to introduce the PCMH model to our general practices and Aboriginal medical services. As you know, this model has been shown to have positive impacts on health outcomes and patient experience in primary care settings.

pcmh-logoThe hardest part of explaining this concept usually involves sharing the ‘why’ and the ‘what’. The ‘why’ meaning – ‘why is this important?’ and the ‘what’ meaning – ‘what does a medical home look like in practice?’ Without answering these questions, it’s hard to convey why we are so committed to this vision.

To learn how to answer these questions, we have benefited from hearing how others explain it. Click the links below to view/listen our favourite videos and podcasts to find answers to these questions:

Our Medical Home Webinars (NCPHN)

Since February, we have hosted 8 webinars that explain the big picture and practical aspects of a medical home. The next two webinars will focus on the NCPHN’s winter strategy, “Winter is Coming”. This strategy is an excellent example of the PCMH model in practice. The webinars are available to watch live or later from the above link.

A Medical Home in Practice (ACI)

Dr. Kirsten Meisinger shares her experiences of providing person-centred care at a workshop hosted in Sydney by the Agency for Clinical Innovation.

Practical Steps and Changes for Patient Centred Care (IF)

The Improvement Foundation presents a webinar by Dr John Ovretveit and Dr Tony Lembke on patient-centred care.

Transforming Primary Care with the PCMH (Sax Institute)

In this video, Professor Kevin Grumbach discusses the history of the PCMH model in the USA and the benefits that this model may have in Australia.

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