Healthy North Coast


The Board of Healthy North Coast Ltd (HNCL) will be supported by a structure of sub-committees in line with ‘best practice’ standards in governance. This committee structure provides member organisations with further opportunities to participate in the organisation.

Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Management Committee of HNCL is established in accordance with the Constitution to ensure good corporate governance.

The HNCL Audit and Risk Management Committee assists the Board in exercising due care, diligence and skill in discharging its oversight responsibilities for:

  • The integrity of the Company’s financial reporting
  • The Company’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • The risk management and corruption resistance process
  • The independent auditor’s qualifications and independence
  • The performance of the Company’s internal controls

Finance and Performance Committee

The Finance and Performance Committee of HNCL is a management committee of the organisation.

The HNCL Finance and Performance Committee will provide the Executive of the organisation the forum in which all matters relating to the setting of the performance goals, financial management, budgeting, performance reporting and expert advice to the Board of HNCL, both on the organisations financial performance in the current year and also the financial implications of future plans.