Cervical Cancer Screening

North Coast Cervical Cancer screening rates

Key points on cervical screening participation rates:

  • Richmond Valley, Clarence Valley and Lismore have the lowest cervical screening participation rates in the North Coast footprint, followed by Kempsey.
  • Cervical screening data for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women with disabilities and LGBTI women is not available, but these women are thought to be under-screened.
Below state averageNorth Coast top performing areasMid-range

State average 56.3%

LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA NAMECervical screening participation Age 20-69 2015-17
Clarence Valley55.0
Coffs Harbour57.5
Port Macquarie-Hastings65.1
Richmond Valley51.9

Table: Cervical Screening participation rates for women 20-69 for the biennial period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2017 by LGA.

Data source: NSW Pap test register and the NSW Ministry of Health (SAPHARI)for populations data.

The new National Cervical Screening Program: Is your practice ready?

This handy, downloadable checklist will help you make sure your practice has the basics covered for delivery of quality patient care under the new National Cervical Screening Program.

Cervical Screening Practice Incentive Payments and Service Incentive Payments – due to continue until April 30 2019

The Practice Incentive Payment (PIP) and $35 Service Incentive Payment (SIP) for cervical screening will continue until April 30.

It is really easy for your practice to identify under-screened women who are eligible for the SIP using the CAT4 recipe for under-screened women.   Encouraging these women to come in for screening before the end of the cervical screening PIPs/SIPs  is a great opportunity for better patient outcomes and revenue generation.

For an easy to use guide on how to identify women under-screened for cervical cancer visit www.pencs.com.au and click on Support and training/User guides/CAT4 recipes.

For the updated Cervical Screening PIP/SIP guidelines click here.

Cervical screening is one of the most preventable cancers, recalling your under-screened patients is lifesaving!

For more information about the National Cervical Screening Program visit:

Department of Health:


Cancer Institute NSW has also provided a great summary of helpful information for health professionals

HealthPathways puts all the information you need to refer, treat and manage your patients at your fingertips.  Including an up to day, localised Cervical Screening HealthPathway:


Username: manchealth

Password: conn3ct3d

This website is no longer active but is available to browse as a resource.

Women’s Cancer Screening Collaborative (WCSC) 2017-2018

Through the delivery of structured, clinician-led general practice quality improvement and health literacy interventions, general practices worked towards increasing access to and equity of women’s cancer screening programs across the North Coast.

From January 2017 to July 2018, general practices improved clinical systems and data auditing processes to better identify and remind never or under-screened at-risk populations of women. Focus groups were also held with at-risk women to understand the environmental and individual barriers and motivators to screening. 

This WCSC website acted as an information repository for all WCSC developed content providing access to and sharing of quality improvement tools, change strategy resources and ideas.

WCSC evaluation and resources can be found on the North Coast Primary Health Network. 

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