Evaluation Report

The Women’s Cancer Screening Collaborative Evaluation Report

FINAL WCSC CINSW evaluation report (October2018)

It is with great pleasure NCPHN presents the Women’s Cancer Screening Collaborative (WCSC) Final Evaluation Report.

The WCSC improved breast and cervical screening rates on the North Coast through the delivery of structured, clinician led general practice quality improvement and health literacy interventions.

NCPHN is confident that the quality improvement measures introduced by the WCSC will result in sustainable change for participating practices because of the project’s focus on supporting practices to build capacity, system strengthening and translation of changes into practice policy.

100 per cent of practices said they gained the necessary skills and knowledge from their involvement in the WCSC to apply lessons learnt to other practice quality improvement projects confirming the scalability and value for future ongoing successes for other quality improvements projects in general practices.

“In my 18 years of working as a practice manager and being involved in many different studies, data collection etc. with my local PHN this would have to be the one of the most worthwhile, fulfilling programs I have had the pleasure of being involved in”

  • Healthwise Medical Centre, Tweed Heads


This website is no longer active but is available to browse as a resource.

Women’s Cancer Screening Collaborative (WCSC) 2017-2018

Through the delivery of structured, clinician-led general practice quality improvement and health literacy interventions, general practices worked towards increasing access to and equity of women’s cancer screening programs across the North Coast.

From January 2017 to July 2018, general practices improved clinical systems and data auditing processes to better identify and remind never or under-screened at-risk populations of women. Focus groups were also held with at-risk women to understand the environmental and individual barriers and motivators to screening. 

This WCSC website acted as an information repository for all WCSC developed content providing access to and sharing of quality improvement tools, change strategy resources and ideas.

WCSC evaluation and resources can be found on the North Coast Primary Health Network. 

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