Please Help Us Update Our Primary Health Care Registers

North Coast Primary Health Network is a key partner in the coordinated response to support our region and communities who are being impacted by the current bushfires.

The immediate focus for people living and working in affected areas is personal safety and property protection. Support strategies across our region are being led by Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery in partnership with NSW Disaster Recovery.

As a Primary Health Network, we are here to support our local primary care workforce, as well as helping to prepare for any possible increase in medical needs. We are working closely with emergency services and the Mid North Coast and Northern NSW Local Health Districts to implement proactive strategies, and we are seeking priority feedback from our general practice, pharmacy, Aboriginal medical services, psychology and other mental health professional networks.

We need your help to make sure we are providing the most up-to-date information to consumers, and to, potentially, coordinate additional support staff to areas most in need. 

This information updating is a pre-emptive measure so that we are in a position to mobilise primary care support for the current bushfire events as and when they may become needed. Some information, e.g. opening hours, may be used to raise awareness through location-targeted social media posts paid for by North Coast Primary Health Network.

We hope that the predicted warnings are not as bad as what we are preparing for, but our emergency response plan is to be as prepared as possible. You would be contacted directly should any further information or action be needed.

Please provide information if:

  • Your practice, service or staff have been impacted by the current bushfires which may be affecting your opening hours or services.
  • You may be able to increase your opening hours or services to help communities in need and to provide cover for any practices directly impacted.
  • You have any other support suggestions or information that you would like us to help coordinate and share with community members and other agencies that are part of the emergency response, e.g. some practices have indicated that they will prioritise fire-related appointments and may reschedule some non-urgent appointments if needed.

Form responses are being collected by North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN) on behalf of the Health Services Functional Area Coordinator (HSFAC).

Please provide information if:

  • You have any staff that may be willing to make themselves available for additional support shifts, possibly at evacuation centres, emergency departments, or other practices.

Form responses are being collected by North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN) on behalf of the Health Services Functional Area Coordinators (HSFAC) who are the lead positions for disaster response in both Mid North Coast LHD and Northern NSW LHD. You will be contacted by either NCPHN or HSFAC for more information.