Whole of Region QI Activity

Topic: Influenza immunisation during COVID-19 Pandemic

In order to prevent the potential spread of influenza during COVID-19, the National Seasonal Influenza Immunisation Program 2020 is being brought forward to begin on 1 April 2020. See HealthPathways for more information. 

Based on de-identified data shared in PatCAT, the influenza immunisation rates across data sharing practices in February 2020 were as follows:

  • General population – 36.2% (of people who are active patients in data sharing general practices)
  • People with COPD – 74.98%
  • People with respiratory – 58.35%
  • People with diabetes – 71.30%
  • People with cardiovascular – 66.82%
  • People with renal impairment – 80.69%

Technically speaking, quality improvement means an increase in something. In the context of COVID-19, however, let’s aim as a region-wide quality activity to maintain our vaccination rate in 2020.


Maintain general population influenza immunisation rate in 2020

Maintain high risk patient influenza immunisation rate in 2020


  • Percentage of population immunised for influenza
  • Percentage of high-risk patients immunised for influenza

(We will progressively share vaccination rates using shared data between now and the end of the vaccination period).

Starting point

Possible improvement ideas

  • Modify clinic procedures to vaccinate while meeting infection control guidelines for COVID-19. If assistance is needed, contact us below.
  • Put a recall and reminder system in place. If assistance is needed, contact us below.
  • Develop a workflow for identifying, notifying and vaccinating at-risk patients.  If assistance is needed, contact us below.
  • Perform and document opportunistic immunisation for target groups.
  • Review policies and procedures for anaphylaxis management, taking account of infection control guidelines for immunisation and COVID-19.
  • Book patients well in advance and prepare physical environment accordingly.