A key role of NCPHN is to identify health needs and service gaps and, based on this evidence, prioritise activity to address those needs.

In November 2017, NCPHN produced three Needs Assessment reports that contain the most up-to-date health and service statistics, one that focuses on mental health, another on Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) and one that looks more broadly at population health across the North Coast community.

These reports also present information that highlight the perspectives of community members and health clinicians based on a NCPHN survey from March 2016. The 2016 Needs Assessment was the first to be conducted by NCPHN and involved a range of activities and consultation including:

  1. Establishment of an oversight committee
  2. Focus groups with community members
  3. Interviews with clinicians
  4. Community survey – completed by 2,420 people (the largest community needs assessment survey undertaken to date on the North Coast)
  5. Service provider survey – completed by 1,250 people (the largest service provider needs assessment undertaken to date on the North Coast)
  6. Service mapping and collation of health and service statistics
  7. Public presentations and round tables with key stakeholders
  8. Workshops: planning solutions with clinicians, service providers and community members
NCPHN fact sheets 2016
Needs Assessment fact sheets:
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