NCPHN Is a Proud Partner of the Centre for Healthcare Knowledge & Innovation

North Coast Primary Health Network established the Centre for Healthcare Knowledge & Innovation (the Centre) in 2016 with the aim of advancing care coordination and integration on the North Coast. In 2018 the Centre transitioned to a consortium, bringing health, social care, education and employment together to advance the Centre program.

The Centre grows learning opportunities for regional and rural professionals working in health, social and community care. It brings national and international evidence to the North Coast and develops local knowledge of the ideas and technologies shaping the future of health and social care.

The Centre is a springboard for launching into a coordinated future. You can get involved in a number of ways:

  1. Register for a Centre event and be an active driver of change
  2. Share news of events and invite your friends and colleagues
  3. Subscribe to the Centre’s monthly newsletter and stay updated
  4. Send a resource for the Centre’s Knowledge Library to share with others
  5. Update the Centre on your program successes and share your learnings
  6. Follow the Centre on FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter and receive innovation news
  7. Tell the Centre who you want to hear from so the program stays relevant
  8. Embrace the collaborative culture and network across sectors

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