Hospital Admission & Discharge Notification

The NNSW LHD has built an Admission and Discharge Notification (ADN) service for Winter Strategy patients. This service alerts GPs when their patient has an unexpected admission to an LHD facility. 

When your Winter Strategy patient has an unexpected admission, as well as being notified, this service will allow you to “reach in” to the LHD facility and converse with the attending physician. For example, you may wish to discuss current medication, recent clinical (and other) history etc.

Similarly, on discharge, you will receive a notification. If your patient dies in hospital, the discharge notification indicates this. This notification will provide a prompt to liaise with the patient to ensure appropriate primary care follow up and to request a discharge summary should it have not yet been completed.

When will I receive a Notification?

You will be notified when a patient admits under the following circumstances:

  • Patient presents to ED and is admitted to a ward (including EMU and SSU);
  • Outpatient visit becomes a ward admission;
  • Direct admission (e.g. mental health);
  • Surgical admissions; and
  • The admission is for NNSW LHD patients – ADNs are a Northern NSW LHD service and do not cover patients who admit in Queensland or in the MNC LHD.

When will I NOT receive a Notification?


  • ED presentations (where the patient presents to ED and is discharged from ED without a ward visit) will not trigger a notification.
  • Admissions where the patient did not give the GP name – if they only nominated the Practice as their treating GP you will not receive a notification
  • Recurring admissions (e.g. renal and oncology)
  • Patients admitted to hospitals outside of the NNSW LHD

Trouble Shooting Admission & Discharge Notifcations

If you experience problems with notification during the winter strategy please: 

  1. Check the list above “When will I NOT receive a notification?” and see if any of these apply
  2. Check that the HPI-I and HPI-O numbers you gave to the NNSW LHD are correct. When you submitted your practice details you would have received a return email showing what information you gave – check here for errors.
  3. Email or contact Bernadette Carter on 6618 5412. 

Further Information

Please download further information (PDF)  or contact Bernadette Carter on 6618 5412 or email winter