Team Systems

  • Ensure the patient/ carer and know who their care team is and who to go to for what.
  • Ensure everyone in the clinical or practice team knows what their roles and responsibilities are for that patient.
  • Help ensure everyone in the care team has the information they needs, when they need it.

Sample Spreadsheets to Help You Work Systematically

Sample 1 – Excel Spreadsheet

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Sample 2 – Word Document

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Winter Strategy Can Help to Increase Teamwork in Your Practice

In qualitative interviews 50% of Practices said the Winter Strategy increased teamwork internally and externally:

Many Practices gave priority access arrangements as an example of how team work had increased

"Reception-GP-Nurse-CDM nurse are working as a team because we have a better understanding this year".

"Teamwork with LHD and other agencies increased especially when things were not going well for the patient. Non dedicated Winter Strategy nurses could also get involved".

"Lots of cooperation to get patients seen quickly"

Organising Priority Access for Winter Patients Involves the Team

In qualitative interviews 50% of practices used PN triage of incoming calls from Winter Patients

Most had a list of patients in reception or flagged them in the clinical information system (or both)

Some practices mentioned priority access as a ‘selling point’ when inviting patients onto the program.

"Lots more triage by PN and communication with reception. Other GPs got involved when participating GP was not here and patient needed to be seen."

"Communication about patients between PN, GP and reception has increased"

Prompts for reception when patient calls

The team at Goonellabah Medical Centre are putting a prompt in their clinical information system for 2019 so that when a patient rings to make an appointment reception are reminded to ask "Have you been in hospital since you last saw the doctor?"

Prompting when the patient calls to make an appointment assist the practice to gather information from the hospital in time for the persons appointment with the doctor.