Welcome Back to Winter Strategy

NEW or IMPROVED in 2019

  • No surveys to collect (…yes you read that right!). You did such a great job in 2018 we have the results we need for now – Winter Strategy 2018 Evaluation Report available late Feb early March.

  • Easier to access tools and resources 

  • More hands on support for practice nurses.

  • Short simple online reports for you to fill out at the end of each phase (we will run through each report with you to make sure everyone is up to speed). The online reports are (definitely) not complex or time consuming and they will help both you and us to better understand how the program is working/developing.

Help is available by phone or in person

We can provide orientation to your staff, further explanation or assistance to get you started and to support you throughout.

Please call Bernadette Carter on 66185412 or email winter@ncphn.org.au

2019 Program Calendar

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1st April to 7th June​
Patient Registration Review and Planning

10th June to 27th September
Proactive Care During Winter​