Welcome to Winter Strategy

The Winter Strategy aims to support people with long term conditions to stay well and safely at home during winter.

It is a joint project bringing together the Northern New South Wales Local Health District (NNSWLHD), North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN) and General Practice to better respond to the surge in healthcare demand over winter with an emphasis on:

  • Priority access to General Practice
  • Active engagement with patients and early intervention when health deteriorates
  • Increased self-management through Sick Day Action Planning and other health coaching
  • Integrated and collaborative strategies with Local Health District Chronic Disease Management teams and hospital services

In the Winter Strategy the NCPHN and NNSW LHD want to support general practice teams to lead heightened quality and intensity of care, for a group of patients that clinicians think are at high risk of being unstable, or very unwell or admitted to hospital during the 2019 flu season.

The program rolls out in three phases from February to September in 2019.

  1. Practice Enrolment and Patient Selection
  2. Patient Registration and Care Planning
  3. Service Delivery

Help is available by phone or in person

We can provide orientation to your staff, further explanation or assistance to get you started and to support you throughout.

Please call Bernadette Carter on 66185412 or email winter@ncphn.org.au

2019 Program Calendar

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1st April to 7th June​
Patient Registration Review and Planning

10th June to 27th September
Proactive Care During Winter​